New Issue of UST Quarterly Now Available

The most recent issue of the UST Quarterly is
now available for download here. The UST Quarterly is focused on aiding underground storage tank (UST) owners, operators, contractors and companies with timely information regarding the regulatory aspects of owning and managing USTs and the cleanup of UST-related contamination.

 Articles in this issue include:

  • Kentucky UST Operator Training – Stephen Kent, UST compliance supervisor, provides an update on the development of operator training in Kentucky. On Page 1, read details about what to expect and how revised deadlines will be established and communicated.
  • EPA Releases Semiannual Report of UST Performance Measures – Did you know that the Kentucky UST program, owners and contractors have already completed over 300 cleanups this year? This EPA report provides data to the public about how all states are doing in meeting EPA measures. See snapshots of Kentucky data and find out how to get the full report.
  • Hughes Recognized as Geologist of the Year – When selecting effective cleanup strategies, geology is one of the top considerations … and the UST Branch employs one of the top geologists in Kentucky. Meet Larry Hughes, UST corrective action supervisor, on Page 3.
  • UST Facility Restoration and Damage Prevention – On Page 3, Edward Winner, manager of the UST Branch, discusses the need for damage prevention measures when performing cleanup work on UST properties.