Waiting on Hurricane Isaac – Storm Debris and Emergency Response

The remnants of Hurricane Isaac are expected to impact Kentucky this weekend.  Although forecasts vary, it is projected that much of Kentucky will likely experience periods of heavy rain and potential flooding. While rain is needed in parts of Kentucky, these storms could also create unwanted waste and debris that will need to be properly managed and disposed.

Improper management of storm debris can affect public health and create environmental concerns. To avoid these problems, the Department for Environmental Protection maintains a fact sheet that will help Kentucky citizens understand the requirements associated with storm debris cleanup. If you have additional questions regarding storm debris management and disposal, contact the agency at 800-926-8111. 

If the storm results in a release of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant or creates an environmental emergency, immediately call the Environmental Response Team (ERT) at 800-928-2380 or 502-564-2380. ERT is part of the Kentucky Natural Disaster Plan and responds to natural disasters, such as floods, tornados and other severe weather, earthquakes, forest fires, landslides and water shortages. During natural disasters, ERT is responsible for effective and efficient containment, mitigation and removal of hazardous material releases and works to limit environmental damage.