EEC Submits Status Report to Franklin Circuit Court Regarding ICG, LLC and Frasure Creek Mining, LLC Enforcement Action

 In accordance with the Franklin Circuit Court’s order entered on July 19, 2012, the Cabinet filed a status report on Monday, September 17, 2012 with the Court regarding the ongoing Clean Water Act enforcement actions with ICG, LLC and Frasure Creek Mining, LLC, respectively.

In the status report the Cabinet notifies the Court that the parties have reached an agreement in principle resolving all claims made in the case regarding ICG, LLC for all violations through the 2nd quarter of calendar year 2012.  The wording of the Consent Judgment is being finalized and after signature by all of the parties the final Consent Judgment will be submitted to the Court for entry.

The Cabinet also notified the Court that the parties have not reached an agreement resolving the Cabinet’s claims against Frasure Creek Mining, LLC. The Cabinet will continue working in an effort to resolve any outstanding issues in the Cabinet’s enforcement action with Frasure Creek Mining, LLC.

You can read a copy of the Cabinet’s status report as filed on Monday.