Former Brownfield Property Transformed Into Popular Eatery

Kentucky has been working diligently to help business and communities address properties that have been left to decay as a result of contamination. These properties, commonly referred to as brownfields, are often looked at as liabilities, and their potential is never realized. However, when a person applies creative vision and redevelops a property that was previously considered untouchable, there is the potential to positively transform a neighborhood and the surrounding community.

Why would someone want to clean up a brownfield?  After all, when developing a brownfield property, environmental concerns need to be properly addressed and managed. It is because parties willing to invest in brownfields properties are finding that the Department for Environmental Protection’s brownfield program’s processes, tax incentives and liability protections not only can make the project cost-effective, they also reduce the property owner’s risk. Communities can benefit, too, because brownfield redevelopments eliminate eyesores, increase surrounding property values, reduce environmental risks and create local jobs.

An example of a brownfield that has been put into productive reuse is Doodle’s Breakfast and Lunch, located in the heart of Lexington, and created in a former gas station building. It is now home to a busy restaurant that proudly serves Kentucky food products to eager customers. The department’s Division of Compliance Assistance recently featured Doodles in a case study that illustrates the potential that can be realized from developing even small brownfield properties.

For more information about the Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program, call 800-926-8111 to speak to Herb Petitjean or Amanda LeFevre.