ACC/SAMR Reports Due by Jan. 30

It’s that time of year again! Most air-permitted sources require submission of an Annual Compliance Certification (ACC) by Jan. 30 and a Semi-Annual Monitoring Report (SAMR) by Jan. 30 and July 30.

An ACC serves as a yearly self-assessment and self-compliance determination. The SAMR is a bi-annual report that contains more detail regarding the parameters that are monitored, including production rates, fuel use and monthly emissions.

These reports require facilities to investigate, confirm and ensure compliance with air regulations and the facility’s authorized permit. The reports require a permitted facility to document that required monitoring is being conducted, inform the Kentucky Division for Air Quality if any deviations have occurred and hold facility management accountable for monitoring and compliance statements.

For more information on completing and submitting an ACC and/or SAMR, please visit KY DAQ Permit Required Reporting page. In addition, the Division of Compliance Assistance will be administering a webinar, publishing an instructional video presentation and holding an open house for one-on-one assistance.