Public Hearing Held at Division for Air Quality

On Nov. 14, 2012 a public hearing was held at the Kentucky Division for Air Quality to receive public comment regarding the establishment of appropriate Title V air emissions fees for Fiscal Year 2013. These fees are a vital source of funding to the state air permit program in accordance with regulation, 401 KAR 50:038, Air emissions fee.

Every year, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determines the minimum cost per ton of pollutant (based on the consumer price index) that an agency should charge to fund the Title V permitting program.  The minimum cost per ton established by EPA is $46.73.

This fiscal year, the Kentucky Division for Air Quality has projected a cost per ton of $48.91 will be necessary to fully fund its program.  This fee increase is necessary to cover all reasonable costs of administering Kentucky’s air permitting program.  Although this is $2.18 above the EPA minimum, it is less than the $52.87 cost per ton charged last year.  The proposed fee increase does not affect sources that emit less than 25 tons of subject emissions and these sources shall continue to pay an annual fee of $150.

A source that emits 25 tons or more of emissions is affected by this increase since the annual fee is calculated based on the tons of emissions multiplied by the cost per ton of emissions.  All fees collected shall be used solely for funding of the Title V program.