Kentucky Division of Waste Management Issues Public Notice

The Kentucky Division of Waste Management’s Hazardous Waste Branch has issued a public notice:

  • Public Notice regarding ISP Chemicals LLC, EPA ID# KYD-006-370-175, AI# 2939: The Kentucky Division of Waste Management has tentatively decided to grant a variance from the designation of a mixture of methyl vinyl ether (MVE) and toluene as a hazardous waste for ISP Chemicals LLC (ISP). ISP is located at 455 N Main Street, Calvert City, in Marshall County, Ky. Anyone wishing to comment or request a hearing on this tentative decision may do so no later than Jan. 15, 2013, the end of the public comment period.

If no significant comments are received by the end of the public comment period, the variance will be effective Jan. 15, 2013.

A variance is a written waiver from any provision of the waste management regulations. As a hazardous waste, the mixture of MVE and toluene was previously incinerated at a nearby waste management facility, LWD, Incorporated. With this variance ISP Chemicals is able to take the mixture to its own facility and reclaim it by removing the impurities which make it unsuitable for further use in its original process. This reduces the amount of waste by both eliminating the need for incineration, and also by reducing the need for fresh materials by recycling the old. This action is for a renewal of an existing variance which was originally issued in 1999 and most recently renewed in 2011. The current variance expires on Dec. 1, 2012.  With this renewal, the variance will be extended to Dec. 1, 2013.