Kentucky Division of Waste Management’s Waste Tire Amnesty Program Success

This fall’s waste tire amnesties were held in the Bluegrass Area Development District counties where approximately 7.17 million pounds of waste tires were collected.

“That equates to about 358,712 passenger car tires, enough to fill nearly 180 semi-tractor trailers,” said Rick Solomon, Supervisor of the Recycling Assistance Section.


Here is the breakdown of the number of waste tires turned in during the fall 2012 waste tire amnesties in the Bluegrass Area District counties:

Untitled The Waste Tire Amnesty Program helps rid Kentucky’s landscape of waste tires. During the amnesty period individuals can drop off their unwanted tires at a location within their county free of charge. The tires are then recycled through “beneficial end use” markets to become useful products such as tire-derived fuel or crumb rubber.

According to recent reports, fewer tires were collected during the most recent three-year waste tire amnesty cycle – but this is no surprise. It is actually a mark of success. As stockpiles of old tires are turned in, the number of tires collected through subsequent amnesties will decline, eventually reaching a plateau that will reflect normal consumer need for the exchange of worn out and used tires.

“The division is excited about the success of the program,” said Tony Hatton, Division of Waste Management director.  “We look forward to the continued decline of waste tires littering Kentucky’s environment.”

The program’s continued success relies heavily on the continuation of funding of the Waste Tire Trust Fund which must be reauthorized through legislation. Funding comes from a $1 fee on the sale of all new motor vehicles tires sold in Kentucky. In addition to conducting waste tire amnesty programs, the fund is used to provide annual financial support directly to counties for waste tire management, award crumb rubber grants, facilitate market development for the use of waste tires, and clean up waste tires at sites where tires have been mismanaged.

Since the inception of the waste tire program, approximately 19,482,464 waste tires – nearly 390 million pounds of tires – have been collected and removed from Kentucky’s environment.

For more information on the Waste Tire Amnesty Program, contact:

Rick Solomon, Recycling Assistance Section Supervisor
Recycling and Local Assistance Branch
Kentucky Division of Waste Management
200 Fair Oaks Lane, 2nd Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-564-6716, ext. 4642