Three Kentucky Drinking Water Plants Win National Awards

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced the winners of the 2011 Region 4 Consumer Confidence Report Excellence Awards. Three of the six categories were won by Kentucky systems.

The six categories include small, medium and large surface water and ground water systems. Cynthiana Municipal Water Works won in the medium surface water system category (serving 3,300 to 10,000 customers). Fonde Water System in Pineville won in the small ground water system category (serving fewer than 3,300 customers). Calvert City Municipal Water Department won in the medium ground water system category.

The awards program promotes the development of effective consumer confidence reports and recognizes the commitment by local administration and plant personnel toward informing their consumers about their drinking water.

The U.S. EPA requires community water systems to put annual drinking water quality reports into the hands of their customers annually in the belief that the public has a right to know about local environmental information. While water systems are free to enhance their reports in any useful way, each report must notify customers of sources used, any detected contaminants, compliance with regulations and education information.

The reports are also useful tools to promote public participation in protecting water sources, said Kentucky’s top water official.

“Educated consumers are more likely to help protect drinking water sources and to be more understanding of the need to upgrade the treatment facilities to keep their drinking water safe,” said Sandy Gruzesky, director of the Kentucky Division of Water. “I applaud these three water utilities for their achievements and commitment to their customers.”