Partners for Clean Air

When you think of air quality, do you think of transportation?  Nationwide, motor vehicles are responsible for about half of all emissions into the air.  But the Division for Air Quality (DAQ) is working to change that by partnering with sustainability-focused groups like the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition (KCFC).

DAQ Director John Lyons is entering his third year as a member of KCFC’s board.  “Protecting air quality is part of KCFC’s mission,” says Lyons.  “Partnering with entities that share this common goal extends the Division for Air Quality’s reach and enhances environmental protection.”

Celebrating 20 years, the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition provides resources to Kentucky businesses and fleets for exploring alternative transportation fuels and advanced technologies.  “Our goal is to link providers and users of fuel,” says KCFC’s director Melissa Howell.

“We do this by raising awareness about the benefits of using clean energy technologies in transportation such as biofuel, propane, plug-in electric, and natural gas.”

KCFC members include state agencies like DAQ, the Division of Biofuels, and the Division of Fleet Management, but they also include universities, school systems, and representatives from business, industry and energy.

Lyons believes the diverse membership represents a critical audience for DAQ’s clean air message.  DAQ & KCFC have partnered on numerous projects over the years including hybrid-electric school buses, school bus retrofits, bus driver idle reduction training, and the Green Fleets program.  All of these projects have benefited Kentucky’s air by reducing harmful emissions.

Lyons and Howell see great things ahead for Kentucky fleets, which continue to lead the way in green technology.  “Kentucky now has the largest hybrid school bus fleet in the nation,” says Lyons.  “As the technology continues to improve and become more widely available, Kentucky will reap the rewards with cleaner air.”

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