Let Your Brownfields Shine – Marketing Opportunity for Problem Properties

Brownfields are properties that are abandoned or underutilized due to real or perceived contamination. Chances are your community has a few. They can include old factories, former gas stations, abandoned schools and hospitals and mine-scarred lands, just to name a few. The upcoming national brownfields conference in Atlanta gives you a chance to market properties for redevelopment.

The Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program will be participating in the Economic Redevelopment Forum at Brownfields 2013. State representatives will be manning a booth to highlight properties that are available for redevelopment in Kentucky and resources to help make redevelopment happen. Brownfields 2013 is asking communities to submit information about available brownfield properties in your area before the conference. Utilizing a user-friendly Google Maps-based listing service, interested parties can preview properties prior to the conference to identify and seek out high-priority targets. Create an account and post your site today.