DOW to Host April 18 Meeting of Hypoxia Task Force

The Kentucky Division of Water and the Soil and Water Conservation Society will host the spring meeting of the Mississippi River Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Hypoxia Task Force meeting at the Galt House in Louisville on April 18.

The Hypoxia Task Force was established in 1997 to better understand the causes and effects of eutrophication in the Gulf of Mexico; coordinate activities to reduce the size, severity, and duration the hypoxic zone in the gulf; and ameliorate the effects of hypoxia. The task force includes five federal and 12 state agencies with responsibilities over activities in the Mississippi River and its basin and in the Gulf of Mexico. The role of the task force is to provide executive-level direction and support for coordinating the actions of participating organizations working on nutrient management within the Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Watershed.

The April meeting represents the first time Kentucky has hosted a Hypoxia Task Force meeting since joining the task force in 2010. Approximately 75 task force members, support staff, and guests are expected to attend the meeting. The April 18th meeting of the Hypoxia Task Force is free and open to the public.

Issues to be discussed at the meeting include:

  • The role of land grant schools in nutrient reduction.
  • Implementation of the RESTORE Act.
  • Nutrient reduction strategies of Kentucky and other states.
  • Water quality trading and its applicability to state nutrient reduction strategies.

The hosting agencies are inviting organizations to participate as exhibitors as a way of sharing information and services that might be of interest to the federal and state agencies and to the public.

To receive more information about being an exhibitor or to register as an exhibitor, contact Jim Gulliford of the Soil and Water Conservation Society at 816-516-3485 or

For additional information about the conference, please contact