Online Tool Released to Determine NetDMR Due Date

The Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) has released a new online tool to help KPDES (wastewater) permittees determine when they must begin submitting their Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) electronically using NetDMR. DEP anticipates moving all permittees that require DMR submission to NetDMR by mid-2014. As permits are renewed, permit languages will be modified to reflect these new requirements and permittees will receive a notification letter from the Department of Water specifying the date of transition. DEP encourages permittees to go ahead and search for their NetDMR due date and sign up for a NetDMR test account to practice submissions. NetDMR is a web-based application that allows permittees to electronically sign and submit DMRs. Switching to NetDMR will result in reduced paperwork, increased efficiency and improved data quality.

The new search tool can be found at

To get started with NetDMR, please visit

If you are interested in NetDMR training, contact the Division of Compliance Assistance at