Public Notices Issued

The Kentucky Division of Waste Management’s Solid Waste Branch has issued the following public notices:

• Public Notice, Public Meeting and Public Hearing, Pursuant to Application # ARP20130002, Agency Interest # 117163: The division received an application for a Registered Permit-by-Rule construction/demolition debris (CDD) landfill from Kenway Contracting, Inc., located in Butler County and has scheduled a public meeting to be held on Thursday, April 4, 2013, at the Butler County High School located at 1147 South Main Street, Morgantown, Ky.
• Public Notice, Notice of Intent to Deny, Pursuant to Application # APE20110002, Agency Interest # 4054: The division issued a Notice of Intent to deny the application which was received on May 6, 2011, from Louisville Gas & Electric and KU Services Company to construct a special waste landfill at the Trimble County Generating Station. This action is based on the review of information which determined the “Wentworth Cave” meets the definition of a cave and lies within the boundary of the proposed site.

For complete details, including contact information and how to submit comments, view all current Kentucky Division of Waste Management public notices.