The Spring issue of Land, Air & Water is Now Available

The cover features a Rue Anemone, an early spring wildflower, photographed by Harold Kelley, who volunteers at the Brigadoon State Nature Preserve in Barren County.

The winter 2013 issue of Land, Air & Water
is now available for download at

at This issue highlights the following articles:

  • DEP “plugs in” for future savings – Four hybrid electric Chevy Volts and two charging stations will help the department reduce its fleet’s operating costs.  Get the details beginning on Page 1 describing how these vehicles really work, their mpg rating and how they benefit the environment.
  • On call 24/7 – Our cabinet’s Emergency Response Team takes charge during incidents that involve hazardous materials.  Read on Page 5 how they handled a train derailment in Jefferson County last year, ensuring nearby residents and first responders remained safe throughout the remedial process.
  • Flood damage, nature’s No. 1 disaster – The Division of Water encourages communities that live in flood-prone areas to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program.  Beginning on Page 9, learn more about the risks of living in a flood-prone area, the advantages of national flood insurance, and homeowner responsibilities.
  • Richardson named director – If you haven’t heard the news, Kimberly Richardson was named director of the Division of Conservation.  Read about her appointment on Page 11.
  • Stockpiles of tires – The Division of Waste Management held a successful waste tire amnesty in the Bluegrass Area Development District last fall.  On Page 18, get the breakdown tally of tires turned in at each of the district counties.

This issue also highlights new acreage acquired and protected by the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund on Page 2, how local governments are taking advantage of energy savings through performance contracting on Page 3, how an old brownfield comes to life as a popular downtown Lexington restaurant on Page 6, in addition to children’s conservation awards and mine reclamation awards presented by the cabinet.