Division of Water re-issues industrial stormwater general permit

The Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) has re-issued the Kentucky Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) general permit regulating stormwater runoff associated with industrial activity. The general permit will go into effect June 1, 2013.

The “Industrial Stormwater Permit for Other Facilities” (KYR00) is available for facilities that are required to obtain a KPDES permit for the discharge of stormwater runoff associated with industrial activity. In order to obtain coverage under this general permit, the facility must meet certain eligibility requirements and submit to DOW an electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI). This general permit will apply to more than 1,000
facilities in the Commonwealth. The eNOI for this permit can be accessed at https://dep.gateway.ky.gov/eForms/Default.aspx?FormID=30.

The general permit establishes requirements for sampling and monitoring twice a year; all data resulting from this monitoring is required to be submitted electronically via DOW’s electronic reporting method.

The general permit also contains requirements for facilities to develop and implement Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, which includes best management practices to control pollutants associated with stormwater runoff, inspections schedules, and corrective action for any spills, leaks, and failure of best management practices.

The principal difference in the newly issued general permit is the requirement for data to be collected and submitted to the division. Previously the data remained at the facility pending inspection by the division. Additionally, the requirements for best management practices are more specific.

Facilities that were covered under the previous version of this permit are required to submit a NOI to DOW within 90 days. New facilities seeking coverage under this general permit must submit a NOI 15 days prior to discharging. Facilities that had coverage under other industrial general permits that have expired or those facilities that applied for individual KPDES stormwater permits (IPs) between October 1, 2007 and the effective date of this general permit are encouraged to seek coverage under this general permit, if these facilities are not otherwise excluded by this general permit.

For further information, contact Jory Becker at 502-564-3410 or jory.becker@ky.gov.