Kentucky UST Program to Launch Online Training

Photo credit: Stephen Kent
Photo credit: Stephen Kent

Will provide efficient training delivery for UST

At full capacity, Kentucky’s 10,464 active regulated petroleum underground storage tanks can hold nearly 87 million gallons of product – gasoline, diesel, and related fuels. As you can imagine, a certain level of know-how, monitoring and upkeep is required to prevent as many leaks as possible. That is why all of these tanks will soon have state-trained designated compliance managers.

The Kentucky Underground Storage Tank Program will introduce a new online training system to a select group of UST designated compliance managers in a seminar to be jointly offered by the agency and the Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association.

The new training application is called Kentucky TOOLS (short for Tank Operator Online Learning System) and is the gateway to an electronic library of lessons crafted to satisfy state- and federal-mandated training requirements for UST personnel. All materials on the site are based on Kentucky UST regulations and industry best practices.

“The innovative design has been a monumental undertaking but it will be worth it,” said UST Branch Compliance Supervisor Stephen Kent. “Employees of the Division of Waste Management are responsible for all aspects of this new application. I’m proud of their hard work and support as we continue to implement the training requirements across the Commonwealth.”

Upon logging in, the online system is designed to identify only the lessons the user needs, based on the equipment at their UST facility. Subjects covered by the online content include spill prevention, overfill protection, release detection, secondary containment, corrosion protection, product compatibility, and notification requirements.

“The Kentucky UST Branch has recognized and responded to the need for the required training to be cost-free, easy to access, and readily available to Kentucky’s UST personnel,” said Kent. “Users will find this online training resource to be extremely valuable in their efforts to prevent releases and ultimately protect human health and the environment.”

To assure optimal customer service and assistance, the online training will be made available to select groups of designated compliance managers, over the course of the next year, through the issuance of unique personal identification numbers. Successful completion of the training will be required on an annual basis.

For more information on Kentucky TOOLS or UST  operator training, go to the Kentucky Underground Storage Tank Branch website  at or contact Leslie Carr at or 502-564-5981, ext. 4778.