Wellhead Protection Areas

Water supply ProtectionAre you familiar with Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPA)? Whether you are or not, it’s likely your community or facility has a WHPA if groundwater is a public source of drinking water.

So what is a Wellhead Protection Area? Some communities and facilities throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky utilize groundwater wells or springs for drinking water. Public sources that rely on these groundwater sources have an area that has been established with the sole purpose of protecting this water supply.

Groundwater is easier and cheaper to treat than surface water, saving the water system time and money. Also, a WHPA can create grant and funding opportunities to protect this vital resource.

In an effort to inform the public about the presence of WHPAs and protect them and to facilitate reporting spills, free signs are available to eligible systems that request them. These signs will be placed on each end of the protection area. To request a sign or to learn more about the Wellhead Protection Program, click here. To find out if you’re
in or near a Wellhead Protection Area, click here.