Lee’s Lane Sample Results Show Additional Work Needed

No trespassing sign posted at Lee’s Lane Landfill EPA Superfund Site. KDWM staff photo.
No trespassing sign posted at Lee’s Lane Landfill EPA Superfund Site. KDWM staff photo.

The Kentucky Division of Waste Management (KDWM) and the US Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 are collecting updated information regarding the Lee’s Lane Landfill site in Louisville, Ky.

On April 1, 2013, KDWM collected shallow soil samples at the site to determine if chemical concentrations exist in near-surface soil that could pose a risk to public health and the environment. Samples were collected at 28 locations across the site and were analyzed for volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, pesticides and metals. Additionally, all samples were screened with a portable X-ray fluorescence instrument for metals and other inorganic compounds.

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The levels found in surface soil samples at the site do not pose an immediate risk to human health as long as established property access restrictions are observed. Anyone trespassing on the former landfill site, however, has the potential to come into contact with contaminated soil or solid waste. Although the property is gated, obvious signs of trespassers abound, including marked and well maintained trails and fresh all terrain vehicle and motor bike tracks. Based on these findings, KDWM believes that additional measures should be considered to enhance access restrictions that are currently in place.

Based on the results of the soil sampling, further evaluation is needed. KDWM plans to collect additional samples to characterize the extent of the contamination. There are also plans to install additional groundwater wells in the near future to obtain current data on groundwater conditions at the site.

After the April 1 KDWM sampling event, EPA Region 4 contractors sampled soil gas on June 5-6 from locations between the former landfill and Riverside Gardens. The results of EPA’s investigation should be available in several weeks.

For questions or concerns regarding the Lee’s Lane Landfill site, contact Kentucky Division of Waste Management Assistant Director Tim Hubbard at Tim.Hubbard@ky.gov or 502-564-6716.

The Lee’s Lane Landfill site has a long documented history. It was on the National Priorities List from Dec. 1982 through April 1996, and EPA has an online repository of site-related documents and information at EPA’s Superfund Site Progress Profile
for Lee’s Lane Landfill

* Alternative method for accessing the report and appendices: The full KDWM report for the Lee’s Lane April 1, 2013 sampling event along with other reports, data and
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