Public Meeting Conducted on Former Black Leaf Chemical Property

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (DEP), along with the USEPA, is preparing to conduct shallow soil remediation at several residential properties located physically adjacent to the former Black Leaf property located in west Louisville.

Black Leaf Chemical operated a facility from 1920 until 1959 that produced agricultural pesticides. The department’s cleanup plans revolve primarily around the presence of pesticides in residential yards that it believes originated from the Black Leaf property.

The department is planning to move ahead with cleanup of those adjacent residential properties while it is in negotiations with potential responsible parties as it relates to cleanup costs and future remedial actions of the former Black Leaf site that may be necessary.

The department and USEPA have identified 77 properties that are physically adjacent to the former Black Leaf site at which the agency has offered to conduct soil removal from the residential yards.

At this time, the agencies are collecting access agreements from the property owners. The department has asked property owners to either grant or deny access to their properties by July 5, 2013. The properties for which access agreements are granted will be cleaned up.

The cleanup is planned to begin in early August of this year.

On June 27, the agencies conducted a public meeting and provided a presentation at St. Stephen Church in Louisville for the purpose of reviewing the cleanup plans and to get comments from the public.

Download a copy of the presentation

If you have questions or concerns, contact Kentucky Division of Waste Management Assistant Director Tim Hubbard at 502-564-6716.