Clean Kentucky Excited for New Campaign


A new effort by Keep America Beautiful (KAB) encourages citizens to take a closer look at their recycling practices. After 40 years of the famous “crying Indian” ad campaign, the Ad Council and Keep America Beautiful have released a new campaign.  “I Want to Be Recycled” advertisements will play on television sets and appear in print.

Kentucky’s KAB affiliate, Clean Kentucky, is housed in the Recycling and Local Assistance branch in the Division of Waste Management. Deborah Conway, Local Assistance section supervisor, is the state contact for KAB.

“We are excited to see KAB make a push towards recycling. We hope this campaign will educate our citizens on the value of recycling, “said Conway. “We also want to encourage Kentucky residents and businesses to recycle more materials.”

The New York Times recently published an article, I Want To Be Recycled, detailing
the new endeavor. More information on the new KAB campaign can also be found at

To find a solid waste coordinator and recycling center near you, please visit a
list of Kentucky’s solid waste coordinators.