The Spring Waste Tire Amnesties’ Numbers Are In

The Spring Waste Tire Amnesties’ numbers are in, and it appears the numbers of tires being brought in have continued to drop thanks to the new three-year Area Development District (ADD) rotation schedule and the visits being made to tire merchants by Ricky Solomon and J.R. Holt prior to the amnesties in order to check on stockpiles of waste tires.

The Kentucky Division of Waste Management conducted spring amnesties in the Lake Cumberland ADD (Taylor, Adair, Green, Casey, Russell, Pulaski, Clinton, Cumberland, Wayne and McCreary counties) and the Lincoln Trail ADD (Breckinridge, Meade, Grayson, Hardin, LaRue, Nelson, Washington and Marion counties) from April 4 through June 8.

According to the reports received by the division’s Recycling Assistance Section (RAS), the Lake Cumberland ADD collected 286,603 passenger tire equivalents (PTEs), which were 5 percent lower than the previous amnesty, at a cost of $325,438.  The Lincoln Trail ADD collected 246,571 PTEs, which were 40 percent lower than the previous amnesty, at a cost of $279,981.

“Since the amnesties have been on the three-year schedule, the numbers continue to drop steadily, meaning less and less tires are being dumped in fields and hollows throughout the state,” said Solomon, supervisor of RAS.  “Hopefully, the program will be reauthorized during the 2014 General Assembly.”

The Fall Waste Tire Amnesties will begin in August for the Buffalo Trace ADD (Bracken, Mason, Robertson, Fleming and Lewis counties) and FIVCO ADD (Greenup, Boyd, Carter, Elliott and Lawrence counties).