Cleanup Progress in Park Hill

This is one of three yards that have already been
cleaned up in Park Hill.
Photo: Virginia Lewis

Ten days into the state’s largest residential cleanup, the first three yards have been completed in Park Hill.

This yard is clean, new and safe – with the first top 1-foot of soil having been removed and replaced with clean dirt and grass. Like several of its neighbors, it’s being cleaned up by the state and U.S. EPA because it borders the former Black Leaf Chemical property in Louisville, Ky. This is an important step in reducing residents’ exposure to contamination from the site.

Since the cleanup began on Aug. 19, more residents are saying “yes” to cleanup. Additional access agreements were received in the last week, bringing the total number of properties allowing cleanup to 57. Three denials have been received and 15 owners haven’t responded. KDEP is urging owners to sign up for cleanup as soon as possible.

In yards being cleaned up, residents and owners are consulted on their preferences regarding existing trees and shrubs (notice the giant catalpa tree in this yard). Other unique aspects, such as pet graves, are also considered. In addition, to give residents access to fresh vegetables that they might have been able to grow in yards being cleaned up, KDEP is providing vouchers to Grasshoppers, a local food distribution company that offers fresh local produce.

An information center is set up in the Park Hill neighborhood at 17th and Wilson Avenue. It’s staffed by KDEP Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (weather permitting).  Residents can stop by with questions, pick up printed materials, and owners can even sign access agreements there – 13 access agreements have been obtained since the information center opened Aug. 19.

Current information will also be posted here, on KDEP’s blog, Naturally Connected.

For additional information, contact Kentucky Division of Waste Management staff Tim Hubbard or Sheri Adkins at 502‐564‐6716. For properties being cleaned up by EPA, contact Art Smith, EPA on-scene coordinator, at 502‐582‐5161.

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