The Kentucky Division of Air Quality’s 2013 Annual Report

The Kentucky Division for Air Quality (DAQ) is pleased to announce the release of the annual report for the 2013 state fiscal year. The mission of the division is to protect human health and the environment by achieving and maintaining acceptable air quality through:

  • Operation of a comprehensive air monitoring network;
  • Creating effective partnerships with air pollution sources and the public;
  • Timely dissemination of accurate and useful information;
  • The judicious use of program resources; and
  • Maintenance of a reasonable and effective compliance assurance program.

DAQ oversees a diverse air quality program that encompasses monitoring, regulation development, compliance with federal and state air quality standards, permitting regulated facilities and environmental education. The report highlights the progress in air quality improvements and identifies the challenges that the Commonwealth will face over the next year. Regulating air quality plays a central role in the conversation, as policies and rules related to environmental protection are implemented at the state and federal level.  New initiatives related to greenhouse gases from new and existing power plants are developing and Kentucky continues to advocate for an approach that provides flexibility in implementing Clean Air Act requirements, while allowing for economic growth.

Some highlights from 2013 include:

  • The demonstration by  DAQ’s monitoring and evaluation programs that key indicators of air quality continue to show improvements;
  • The potential impacts of new air quality regulations on Kentucky counties and industries and the partnerships necessary to ensure compliance; and
  • The sustained success of DAQ’s education and outreach, inspection, and permitting programs in protecting human health and the environment.

The 2013 Division for Air Quality annual report and all previous annual reports can be found at: