Universal Waste: Learning Module

The Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) has released a new self-paced learning module to assist facilities in identifying universal wastes and the requirements for universal waste generators, handlers and transporters. This module and additional resources are located at DCA.ky.gov/Pages/ResourceDocuments.aspx.

Universal Waste

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Some wastes that have hazardous characteristics (toxicity, reactivity, ignitability, corrosivity) are considered universal wastes. Universal wastes consist of thermostats that contain mercury, pesticides, batteries and lamps, which are commonly found in homes and commercial, industrial, agricultural and community buildings. The universal waste rule encourages recycling and proper disposal of common hazardous wastes and helps reduce regulatory burdens on businesses that generate these wastes.

The online learning module provides examples of wastes that are deemed universal wastes in Kentucky and the requirements associated for generators, handlers, transporters and destination facilities. The module also reviews how to manage universal waste, including labeling and appropriate containerization, which are two of the most common violations in regards to universal wastes.

The anytime online learning modules developed by DCA address frequent inquiries regarding environmental regulations and provide materials to make the regulations easier to understand. A few of the common environmental regulations for which DCA has developed anytime online learning modules are hazardous waste determination, fugitive dust regulations, air quality compliance reports, recordkeeping practices and household pharmaceutical waste management. These modules can be found on our Resource Documents webpage and are just one way that DCA assists individuals, regulated entities and government agencies. If you have any topics that you would like to see developed into an anytime online learning module, please call 800-926-8111 or email envhelp@ky.gov.