Compliance Assistance Helping Small Businesses Succeed

As most business owners realize, environmental regulations can be confusing and require time and resources to achieve compliance. When Jeff Young, plant engineer for Young Manufacturing Company in Beaver Dam, had questions about how new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency boiler requirements would affect his wood products manufacturing plant, he called DCA for answers. As a result, a DCA staff member visited the company and explained how the regulations worked, how to comply with them and what paperwork would be needed.

 “The Young Manufacturing Company (YMC), in Beaver Dam, is a family-owned and operated company that began as a sawmill in 1858. In 1948, C.T. Young began manufacturing stair treads with three employees. Today, the company, which is located on 80 acres, employs 160 people and manufactures a full line of stair treads, risers and related components, as well as exterior door sills and door frames. One of the few family-owned woodworking companies left in the country, YMC uses all kinds of wood.

In 1976, YMC began to…” Read the full story here.

There is help for anyone who feels a bit overwhelmed and confused about how to comply with environmental obligations. The Environmental Compliance Assistance Program of the Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) is ready to assist individuals, businesses and organizations on a variety of issues from air permit compliance to waste disposal. Contact us at or call 800-926-8111.