Now Available! Electronic Submittal of Source Test Protocols and Reports

The Division for Air Quality (DAQ) is pleased to announce a new link on their website for submitting compliance test protocols and performance test reports electronically. The new emissions testing eForm webpage is located on the DAQ home page under the Online Services button at

Historically, many stationary sources preferred submitting hardcopies because of the limitations of email for handling large file sizes.   This change is part of a larger agency effort to save time and resources through the implementation of electronic tools.

Navigating the New eForm Webpage Once the Online Services button is clicked on DAQ’s website, a drop down list becomes available.  The new Sampling Protocol and Test Report Submittal button is located on the drop down list.  Testing firms and regulated sources can click on the Sampling Protocol and Test Report Submittal button to find the new eForm. Two options are provided; select Option A to fill out a blank eForm, or select Option B to retrieve a previously saved or submitted eForm.  All new, first time users will need to select Option A by clicking on the Continue with Blank eForm button.

The new eForm is a basic form that requires some information of the emissions units being tested and the person submitting the compliance test protocol or performance test report.  The website provides four choices for uploading the protocol or test report files.  These four options provide the flexibility to accommodate the different types of source data submitted.

Once the file is uploaded to the form, the form is ready to be submitted or saved for future retrieval.  Simply select the Click to Submit to DEP button and the test protocol or test report will be submitted directly to the Source Sampling Section in the Technical Services Branch of DAQ.

The Department works hard to provide the best services to the Commonwealth, and this new link is a small but significant change that will benefit both the environment and the regulated community.  For questions regarding source testing and the new eForm, please contact Andrea Keatley, Source Sampling Section Supervisor, at or (502)564-3999 ext, 4044.