City of Somerset Begins Curbside Recycling Program

Surrounded by new recycling containers, Tom Heil spoke at the official kickoff ceremony for the City of Somerset’s curbside recycling program. Photo by Chris Craig.

On Nov. 5, Chris Craig and Tom Heil of
the Kentucky Division of Waste
Management’s Recycling and Local
Assistance Branch participated in the
official kickoff ceremony announcing
the City of Somerset’s curbside
recycling program.

Mayor Edward Girdler made the announcement to local press and radio media. Also on hand were dignitaries including Somerset City Council members, Pulaski County Solid Waste Coordinator Gerald Hines, Eastern Kentucky Pride Field Representative Mark Davis, and Shannon Rickett, field representative for Congressman Hal Rogers.

The city’s curbside program is in addition to and in partnership with Pulaski County’s curbside recycling program. All the recyclables collected will be hauled to the Pulaski County Recycling Center for processing and sale.

Gerald Hines spoke of the great benefit that the combined program will provide, as it will allow citizens additional access to recycling, will increase the volume of recyclables for sale, and will contribute to the overall success of the community’s recycling effort.

Heil spoke at the event in regard to the state’s participation in the partnership through the Kentucky Pride Recycling Grants Program. Through this program, Pulaski County has received over $500,000 in funds for purchasing recycling equipment, advertising the recycling program, and education efforts in the schools and the community. Heil also emphasized the need to work together to successfully grow the recycling grants program, both locally and statewide.

“The Pulaski County Recycling Program is a model of community cooperation that should be emulated by other communities across the Commonwealth,” said Heil.

For more information on the Kentucky Pride Recycling Grants Program, contact Tom Heil at or 502-564-6716, ext. 4640.