Who has the greenest state fleet in Kentucky? The Department for Environmental Protection, that’s who!

On Dec. 17, 2013, DEP received the Greenest State Fleet Award from the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition (KCFC). The award was presented at historic Boone Tavern in Berea where DEP staff arrived in green fleet style driving a Chevrolet Volt.


The department has been a member of the KCFC Green Fleet program since 2011 and now holds the highest fleet rating by KCFC. As a member of the Green Fleets program, DEP strategically manages its fleet and now operates fewer conventional vehicles and drives a larger percentage of “green” miles.  DEP works to ensure the vehicles are consistently maintained for longer vehicle lifetimes.  This year the average fleet miles per gallon increased to 19, aided by the addition of four plug-in electric and 4 hybrid vehicles. In addition, the department began work on an idle-reduction initiative.

This award also recognizes the actions of DEP’s employees who drive our vehicles every day and are committed to making a difference in the environment.

Even with these successes, DEP is continually striving to improve its fleet performance. Some items on the list for 2014 include:

  •  Anti-Idling awareness for employees;
  • Eco-driving education and outreach;
  • Increasing average fleet fuel economy to 21 miles per gallon; and
  • Pilot program to investigate E85 use in flex fuel vehicles.

DEP’s fleet efficiency standards are part of the 2007 Governor’s Energy Plan which aims for a 50 percent improvement in fuel economy by 2025.

All of these efforts add up to substantial savings and significant benefits for the environment.

For more information on DEP’s Green Fleet efforts, contact Jeremy Slucher or Kenya Stump at 502-564-0323.