DOW to begin water quality monitoring in Strodes Creek watershed

The Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) has published the Strodes Creek Initial Watershed Report to provide information about water quality and biological monitoring that will begin in March.  The report can be reviewed at

DOW provided $888,568.00 in 319(h) non-point source grant funds for projects conducted in the Strodes Creek watershed. The Strodes Creek Conservancy, a recipient of these competitive grant funds, has made significant improvements to water quality in the watershed through implementation of best management practices for onsite wastewater and agriculture. The projects also sought to educate the public concerning water quality issues in the watershed, as well as build public interest in working solutions for these issues.

DOW publishes pre- and post-monitoring reports for watersheds where long-term studies are taking place. The Strodes Creek report includes information regarding the factors that impact water quality and the biological health of an aquatic ecosystem. The report also discusses how the monitoring data will be used to determine how water quality is impacted, and how the data will be used to foster water-quality improvements.

The monitoring that will begin in March will identify the types and sources of pollutants present in the watershed. This information will then be used to construct a pollution reduction strategy with the goal of improving water quality. Continued monitoring will determine what improvements have already occurred and direct where further efforts need to be made to continue promoting the health of the watershed.

For more information, contact or 502-564-3410.