Division of Water implements new Electronic Permit application process

The Division of Water is working to better assist the public in gathering and sharing permit application information.  The Surface Water Permits Branch is providing the opportunity to submit application information electronically through eForm and NetDMR systems.

eForm may be used to submit Kentucky Pollution Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) general permits. The system provides a dual benefit for permit applicants.  The process is customer friendly and the data is retained for future access.  When the customer enters the permit number, the system automatically populates previously submitted information for editing.  The data can be used to update the five-year permit or create a change in outfall status.

NetDMR is a national tool for regulated Clean Water Act permittees to submit Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) electronically.

Benefits of electronic submission of information

  • Reduction of paperwork
  • Instant confirmation of submission
  • Uploading laboratory results
  • Data retention of five years

Questions regarding NetDMR may be directed to NetDMR@ky.gov

The Division of Water is working with applicants to enhance the ease of the application process by utilizing these electronic applications.

Electronic notification for permit approvals, public meeting schedules and public notices is also available.  Please send an email request to begin receiving notification of these division actions.

DOWPublicNotice@ky.gov  provides access to information on KPDES Permit Issuance and Water Quality 401 Certification information

TMDL@ky.gov  provides information about the Total Maximum Daily Load

Questions may be directed to Jon Trout at swpbsupport@ky.gov or call the Division of Water at 502-564-3410.