Kentucky Division of Water proposes issuance of Kentucky Pollution Discharge Elimination System General Permits

On April 1, 2014, public notice will be provided by the Surface Water Permits Branch regarding the proposed issuance of two general permits. The permitting action will include non-coal Mineral Mining and Processing Activities, and Concrete Products, Asphalt Paving and Ready-Mixed Concrete Operations. These permits cover activities conducted in all 120 counties of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The KYG840000 permit is a reissuance of a general Kentucky Pollution Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) permit to address non-coal (mineral) mining and associated activities for establishments engaged in the extraction of mineral natural resources and the on-site processing of such minerals as clay, fluorspar, gravel, limestone, rock asphalt, sand and sand/ gravel.

Plant mix asphalt plants and concrete ready mix plants within the approved mining permit area and operated by the mineral permit holder do not require separate KPDES permits.

The KYG110000 permit is a first issuance of a general KPDES permit to address permanent and portable Pre-Cast Plants, Hot Mix Plants, Ready-Mixed Plants and associated activities.

Plants co-located within the permit boundary of a mineral mining operation and operated by the mineral mining operator as well as those co-located at a construction site that produce construction materials solely for the construction activity are not eligible for coverage under the KYG110000 general permit.

Effective April 1, 2014, the draft permit, fact sheet and other supporting material will be available through the e-Search feature on the Division of Water’s Webpage at: Please use Agency Interest ID 35050 to access the information.

The Division of Water has enhanced the ease of the application process by utilizing electronic applications. This is the first time the new process is available for this permit class.

Persons wishing to provide comments or objections to the proposed action or the proposed permit conditions are invited to submit comments to the Division of Water, 200 Fair Oaks Lane, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601,or by email to