Waste Tire Program Success – Kentucky Recycling More Tires

The Waste Tire Program Report for 2013 has been
released and, according to state officials, the state’sWaste Tire
tire recycling rate made a remarkable increase last year.

“The Commonwealth’s waste tire recycling rate increased 5.5 percent to 86 percent in 2013. This ranks nearly 5 percent above the latest national rate,” said Kentucky Division of Waste Management Director Anthony Hatton.

Kentucky increased its waste tire recycling rate last year primarily by working to increase the in-state tire derived fuel market. This market includes the use of whole or processed tires as an extra energy source for boilers at paper mills, cement kilns, and utilities. This reduces the overall use of fossil fuel and reduces the amount of waste tires in landfills and in the environment.

The Waste Tire Program success is made possible through the responsible use of the Waste Tire Trust Fund, which comes from the collection of the $1 fee on new motor vehicle replacement tires sold. The program includes waste tire amnesties that are held across the state, grants to counties for waste tire management, cleanup of orphan tire piles, and the development of markets for waste tires.

The report of program activities is published annually by the Kentucky Division of Waste Management and is delivered to the General Assembly. See the comprehensive Waste Tire Program Report for 2013 here.

For more information on the Kentucky’s Waste Tire Program, contact Recycling and Local Assistance Branch Manager Gary Logsdon at 502-564-6716, ext. 4636.