SNIPSNot all news needs to be covered through an extended article. But it is still important that you know about activities and decisions that may affect your business, communities and families. To help keep you informed, the Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) routinely compiles a short listing of state and federal topics that we affectionately call SNIPS. If you have questions about these items or need environmental assistance, contact DCA at 800-926-8111 or

  • Public Notices for DAQ, DWM and DOW Check this site for any public notices for the Division for Air Quality, Division of Waste Management and Division of Water.
  • EPA Announces Funding Availability to Clean Up Diesel Engines Nationwide–The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the availability of $9 million in grant funding for clean diesel projects to reduce diesel pollution and emissions exposure from the nation’s existing fleet of diesel engines. The funding comes from the EPA’s Diesel Emission Reduction Program and will target the most cost-effective projects and fleets operating in areas designated as poor air quality areas.
  •  EPA Releases EnviroAtlas Ecosystem Mapping ToolThe EPA released EnviroAtlas, a web-based interactive tool that integrates over 300 separate data layers, helps decision makers understand the implications of planning and policy decisions on our fragile ecosystems and the communities who depend on goods and services from these ecosystems. EnviroAtlas is designed for people from all levels of government, professionals, researchers, educators, non-governmental organizations and anyone interested in considering the benefits or impacts of a decision, such as siting a new road or city park.
  • Georgetown University Energy Efficiency Prize Offering $5 Million to a Sustainable CommunityThe Georgetown University Energy Prize competition is offering a $5 million prize to a local community that can come up with the best long-term energy efficiency plan for “innovative, replicable, scalable and continual reductions in the per capita energy consumed from local natural gas and electric utilities.”
  • Up to $12.3 Million in Grants and $57.8 Million in Loan Guarantees Available-The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking applications from rural small businesses and agricultural producers for funding to make energy efficiency improvements or to install renewable energy systems. The funding is being provided through USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program.
  • EPA Seeking Public Comment on Enhancing Transparency for Chemicals and Mixtures Used in Hydraulic FracturingThe EPA will seek public comment on what information could be reported and disclosed for hydraulic fracturing chemicals and mixtures and the approaches for obtaining this information, including non-regulatory approaches. The EPA is also soliciting input on incentives and recognition programs that could support the development and use of safer chemicals in hydraulic fracturing.