Pineville to Mitigate Virginia Avenue Combined Sewer Overflows

On May 29, 2014, the Kentucky Office of the Governor announced that the city of Pineville is the recipient of $2.2 million for completion of the Virginia Avenue sewer replacement project. The project will increase the city’s sewer system capacity and help decrease wastewater overflow into the Cumberland River.

Funding for the project includes a $1 million Community Development Block Grant, a $500,000 Appalachian Regional Commission grant, a $533,000 Kentucky Infrastructure Authority State Revolving Fund loan, and a $200,000 Kentucky Infrastructure Authority planning and design loan. 

The Division of Water looks forward to partnering with the city of Pineville to ensure that the Virginia Avenue project is properly planned, designed, and built, while offering maximum protection for environmental and cultural resources.

Pineville’s sewer system was originally built in 1950s. It is a combined system, which collects storm water runoff and sanitary sewage in the same lines.  During wet weather events and other high flow periods, the sewer collection system consistently exceeds capacity and results in an overflow of wastewater directly into the Cumberland River.

Since Pineville has a small customer base, it would be difficult for the city to have undertaken this project using its own resources.

The $2.2 million provides Pineville with the leverage funding required to address the critical public health and safety problems associated with the city’s continued reliance on its existing combined wastewater collection system.

In 2007, the city entered into a consent judgment with the then Kentucky Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet to reduce and eliminate the excess flow of wastewater to the Cumberland River by 2017.  To date, the city has completed two of the three projects required to satisfy the terms detailed in the consent judgment.  The $2.2 million will provide the funding toward completing Phase 1 of the third project, the Virginia Avenue sewer replacement project.

The Virginia Avenue project will include the design and construction of two sewage lift stations, 7,700 linear feet of force main, lateral sewers, and separated sanitary and storm lines.

Upon completion, the Virginia Avenue project is expected to bring Pineville one step closer into full compliance with the terms of the consent judgment.  The project will halt sewer overflows, prevent risk to public health from potential exposure to untreated wastewater, improve the water quality of local streams, minimize basement sewer backups, and modernize the Pineville wastewater collection system.

The Division of Water looks forward to working with the City of Pineville to make the sewer enhancements for the community.