Current Job Openings at the Department for Environmental Protection

Over the last six months, the Department has been under a hiring freeze as the Cabinet addressed budget cuts that forced personnel realignment. The hiring freeze has lifted and over the next year, the Department will be advertising a significant number of technical, administrative and managerial positions that we will be seeking strong candidates to fill.

If you are interested in working at the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection and have a passion for public service, we encourage you to apply for these jobs. You can view additional information about these jobs or apply for any of the job openings listed below by clicking the link for each position. Questions regarding a specific position should be directed to the agency contact listed on the position detail page.

  •  35580BRENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL SUPERVISOR (Closes 8/30/14) – Plans, assigns and supervises the employees in the Recycling Assistance Section, Recycling and Local Assistance Branch (RLA). Oversees the administration of the RLA Waster Tire Program, including waste tire collection events, cleanups and the annual waste tire grant; oversees the administration of the Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste Grant Program; provides technical recycling assistance to local county, state, and private entities. Travel within the state is required with this position. Responsibility for all administrative tasks for the section, including performance review for section employees.
  • 35581BRENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL SUPERVISOR (Closes 8/30/14) – Plans, assigns, supervises and coordinates the activities of the employees in the Bluegrass Army Depot (BGAD) section, Hazardous Waste Branch, Division of Waste Management (DWM). Reviews correspondence, technical documents and reports about the BGAD site; ensures section productivity regarding grant commitments and permitting actions; prepares documents for the US EPA, and assist with permitting modules for the Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA). Coordinates permitting activities, pertaining to the BGAD site within the Division; conducts all administrative supervisory functions, including performance evaluations.
  • 35562BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III (Promotional Only Closes 8/30/14) – The primary responsibilities of the position are to provide specialized expertise and assistance involving complex and sensitive environmental problems with significant program impact to the Division for Air Quality’s Director’s Office. This position represents the agency before State and Federal agencies, reviewing and analyzing State and Federal laws and regulations.  The position will serve as a team leader responsible for implementing technical programs or studies on a statewide basis. The position will provide support and technical training to state agencies, local governments, communities, and or general public in the interpretation and implementation of environmental protection strategies.
  • 35559BRENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL MANAGER (Closes 8/30/14) – The primary responsibilities of the position are to plan, assign, supervise and coordinate the activities of the employees in the Division for Air Quality’s Technical Services Branch. The position must ensure that the Division has an adequate air quality monitoring stations throughout Kentucky in accordance with Federal regulations. The position has oversight of the network of air monitors and must review them annually to ensure coverage of air quality measurement; ensure the monitors are calibrated and maintained in accordance with Federal requirements; and ensure data is collected and verified. The position is responsible for the accuracy and precision of the equipment and all data collected in order to demonstrate the air quality in Kentucky attains or maintains the national ambient air quality standards set by EPA.  The position also has oversight of source stacking testing performed by permitted sources to demonstrate permit compliance. The position conducts all administrative supervisory functions, including performance evaluations.
  • 35557BRENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL SUPERVISOR (Closes 8/30/14) – The primary responsibilities of the position are to plan, assign, supervise and coordinate the activities of the employees in the Division for Air Quality’s Air Dispersion Modeling Section in the Permit Review Branch. The primary responsibilities of the position are to supervise the review and evaluations of air toxics from sources that could pose an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment if not properly controlled. The position will direct in the development and evaluation of specific risk assessment projects using air dispersion meteorological models and data associated with permit applications to refine emission estimates to determine appropriate permitting limits. The position conducts all administrative supervisory functions, including performance evaluations.
  • 35556BRINTERNAL POLICY ANALYST II (Promotional Only Closes 8/30/14) – The primary responsibilities of the position are to coordinate agency operational policies and procedures for budgetary planning and requests.  The position will perform comprehensive reviews of the Division’s programs, management, and policies to make recommendations to management through status updates, annual reports, and other means to define agency effectiveness and to project budgetary needs.  The position will develop comprehensive Professional Development Plans for the Division.  The position also processes all travel arrangements for in state and out of state travel using eMars and following state procurement procedures within projections for divisional budget request each year in conjunction with State and Federal funding. The position will advise management on financial issues that impact the budget.
  • 35517BRCHEMIST III (Closes 8/30/14) – Performs highly complex and technical tests on water, soil, and sediment samples, using established methods.  Maintains analytical records in a complete and accurate manner. Performs routine maintenance on instrumentation, as outlined by the instrument manufacturer. Analyzes Quality Control samples in order to maintain analytic proficiency. Cross-trains coworkers, when necessary. Performs other duties as required.
  •  35590BRADMINISTRATIVE SECTION SUPERVISOR (Closes 8/31/14) – Position supervises and coordinates data entry functions, manages the file room and processes Open Records Requests. Performs Employee Performance Evaluations. Ensures program policies and procedures are implemented. Provides guidance to and oversight of staff. Performs other duties, as required.
  • 35589BRCHEMIST II (Closes 8/31/14) – The primary function of the position is to analyze soil , water, and sediment samples, using established methods, with focus in ion chromatography and auto-titration, utilizing Ph and ion-specific electrodes. The position assists in developing new methods, and makes such changes to the standard operating procedures, based upon supervisor approval. Position is in charge of their own lab supplies; assists in training of new personnel; keeps detailed data on all analysis performed. Performs other duties, as required.
  • 35593BRASSISTANT DIRECTOR (Closes 8/31/14) – Provides administrative support to the director of the Division of Environmental Program Support (DEPS). The division is comprised of four branches, which include administrative and programmatic assistance services to the programmatic divisions. The administrative services include departmental procurement, budget, human resources, facility management, information technology, public records management and motor pool functions. The programmatic assistance includes the environmental response program and the chemical analysis laboratory. Position formulates departmental administrative policies, represents the director, division and department in administrative meetings, as well as, supervises administrative functions, and works with programmatic departmental staff to administratively support their needs. Performs other duties, as required.
  • 35660BRASSISTANT DIRECTOR (Closes 9/1/14) – Will assist the division director in the administration of the Division of Compliance Assistance; provide technical assistance and interpretation of rules and regulations; assist in the development and oversight of guidance to manager’s regarding program plans and implementation and evaluation of all programs in the division. Programs administered by the division include Environmental Compliance Assistance, Brownfield Redevelopment, Certification and Licensing, and KY EXCEL.
  • 35658BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST III (Closes 9/1/14) – Serves as a technical, scientific advisor for the compliance assistance program and provides support and technical training to state agencies, local governments, communities, municipalities, operators and/or the general public in the interpretation and implementation of environmental protection strategies and regulations. Coordinates the activities in the review and editing or environmental analysis that relate to agencies that are required or voluntarily ask for compliance assistance. Assist regulated entities especially small businesses with Clean Air Act permitting.
  • 35695BR – ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIST II (Closes 9/4/14) – Review certification applications and conducts training session for drinking water and wastewater operators for the operator certification program within the Certification and Licensing Branch in the Division of Compliance Assistance. Assists with development and presentation of training sessions for drinking water and wastewater systems operators for certification and continuing education purposes.
  • 35716BR – ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING BRANCH MANAGER (Closes 9/5/14) – Plans, assigns, supervises and coordinates the work of professional and technical personnel within the Solid Waste Branch. Develops program implementation plans, makes final technical decisions on permit reviews, permit modifications, corrective action, etc. Sets policies and procedures for permit review, and interprets department rules and regulations for staff. Supervises and approves expenditure of money within the Branch.
  • 35718BR – GEOLOGIST REGISTERED (Closes 9/5/14) – Serves as a team leader and consultant in the performance of professional geological work. Provides comprehensive geologic, hydrogeologic and geotechnical reviews of solid waste permit applications to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Provides technical and administrative processing of new and horizontal expansions, major/minor modifications and permit renewals. Serves as a geological consultant to solid waste industry geologist, engineers, environmental professionals and others. Acts as supervisor in the absence when necessary.