Current Job Openings at the Department for Environmental Protection

Over the last six months, the Department has been under a hiring freeze as the Cabinet addressed budget cuts that forced personnel realignment. The hiring freeze has lifted and over the next year, the Department will be advertising a significant number of technical, administrative and managerial positions that we will be seeking strong candidates to fill.

If you are interested in working at the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection and have a passion for public service, we encourage you to apply for these jobs. You can view additional information about these jobs or apply for any of the job openings listed below by clicking the link for each position. Questions regarding a specific position should be directed to the agency contact listed on the position detail page.

  •  35695BR– ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIST II (Closes 9/4/14) – Review certification applications and conducts training session for drinking water and wastewater operators for the operator certification program within the Certification and Licensing Branch in the Division of Compliance Assistance. Assists with development and presentation of training sessions for drinking water and wastewater systems operators for certification and continuing education purposes.
  • 35716BR – ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING BRANCH MANAGER (Closes 9/5/14) – Plans, assigns, supervises and coordinates the work of professional and technical personnel within the Solid Waste Branch. Develops program implementation plans, makes final technical decisions on permit reviews, permit modifications, corrective action, etc. Sets policies and procedures for permit review, and interprets department rules and regulations for staff. Supervises and approves expenditure of money within the Branch.
  • 35718BR – GEOLOGIST REGISTERED (Closes 9/5/14) – Serves as a team leader and consultant in the performance of professional geological work. Provides comprehensive geologic, hydrogeologic and geotechnical reviews of solid waste permit applications to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Provides technical and administrative processing of new and horizontal expansions, major/minor modifications and permit renewals. Serves as a geological consultant to solid waste industry geologist, engineers, environmental professionals and others. Acts as supervisor in the absence when necessary.
  • 35757BRENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIST II (Closes 9/7/14) – This position will perform professional level reviews of environmental regulations, policies and procedures for the Division of Compliance Assistance. It will serve as compliance assistance specialist and provide multimedia technical, regulatory and permitting assistance when reviewing existing environmental regulations and make suggestions on updating regulations as needed. This positions will also identify and coordinate compliance assistance educational materials and training events; and attend meetings, symposia and seminars concerning proposed activities that will affect the environment. Perform other duties as assigned.
  • 35753BRASSISTANT DIRECTOR (Closes 9/7/14) – Provide administrative and technical support to the Director of the Division of Water (DOW) and assist the Director in all aspects of oversight of the DOW. DOW is delegated to implement the Clean Water Act in Kentucky and has primacy for the Safe Drinking Water Act public water supply programs. In addition, DOW regulates or oversees dam safety, floodplains, wastewater and watershed planning. This position will lead staff and advise management in the development of technical strategies in implementing DOW programs, serve as the technical lead for the division on technical, engineering and scientific issues and regarding enforcement activities, provide input on issues of litigation, and serve to work with stakeholders on various issues of import. This position will represent the division on state and national committees and workgroups and represent the DOW to EPA, FEMA and other federal and state agencies.
  • 35819BRENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIST (Closes 9/8/14) – This position will help with the KPDES Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Program, which will expand extensively in both program scope and volume of submittals with the renewal of the Coal Mining General Permit.
  • 35801BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST (Closes 9/8/14) – This position oversees the implementation and compliance of the Safe Drinking Water Act. This position provides technical assistance to all water systems in the Bowling Green and Columbia Regional Offices in order to maintain or return compliance under the Safe Drinking Water Act. This position will also serve as the Disinfection Byproducts (DEP) and Area Wide Optimization Coordinator.
  • 35768BRENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER ASSISTANT II  – (Closes 9/8/14) – This position will review applications, draft permits and help to resolve legal challenges associated with wastewater discharge permits regulated by the federal Clean Water Act. This position will help deal with the backlog and increase the technical capacity of the KPDES permitting staff. This permit writer will primarily be responsible for writing general and individual KPDES permits, both for new facilities and renewals of existing facilities.
  • 35767BRENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL SUPERVISOR  – (Closes 9/8/14) – This position is critical and essential for performing supervision, planning, preparing assignments and coordinating all activities for the section. This position provides drinking water program oversight for the largest section in the division, which consists of 16 staff and is critical to ensure that the branch can meet the continuous demands placed upon its resources. Primary responsibilities include compliance/enforcement determination relating to drinking water, providing technical assistance and coordination/oversight of the Area Wide Optimization Programs. This position will allow the division to maintain adequate monitoring of drinking water quality, ensure federal grant commitments are met and priorities established to meet division goals.
  • 35754BRENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER ASSISTANT I – (Closes 9/8/14) – Inspection of all the state regulated dams to ensure they are maintained and being operated properly. Review dam permits and floodplain cases to ensure dams are being designed and constructed properly as well as ensuring that people living near a floodplain are not flooded from unacceptable changes that have been made near their property.
  • 35864BRENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER ASSISTANT III – (Closes 9/13/14) – The permit writer will be responsible for writing major KPDES permits, however, will also be working with minor KPDES permits and re-issuing general permit coverages. Tasks associated with this position require the utilization of engineering skills and knowledge to draft and issue KPDES discharge permits. Some of the duties include: visiting facilities to observe the types of waste water treatment that are in use, communication with the permittees, public speaking, interpretation of program regulatory authority, computer modeling and working together as a team in order to accomplish the Division’s operational goals.
  • 35867BRENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER ASSISTANT I – (Closes 9/13/14) – This position will review applications, draft permits and resolve legal challenges associated with waste water discharge permits regulated by the federal Clean Water Act. Tasks associated with this position require the utilization of engineering skills and knowledge to draft and issue KPDES discharge permits.
  • 35866BRENVIRONMENTAL INSPECTOR III – (Closes 9/14/14) – This position is charged with performing complex level environmental compliance inspections at permitted waste water facilities under the federal Clean Water Act and permitted drinking water facilities under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. This position will respond to citizen complaints addressing threats to waters of the Commonwealth.
  • 35854BRENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER ASSISTANT I – (Closes 9/13/14) – The primary responsibilities of the position are to conduct technical, engineering reviews and evaluations of permit applications from sources that emit air contaminants to issue or deny permits within regulatory mandated time constraints. The position will provide technical assistance regarding interpretations of regulations and preparations of permit applications. The permits to be reviewed include those primarily for primary steel manufactures, aluminum manufactures, secondary metal sources, and surface treatment of metals, all of which produce emissions that could affect public health and the environment if not properly controlled. Engineering decisions recommended by positions in this job title must be approved by a Licensed Professional Engineer under KRS 322.