Current Job Openings at the Department for Environmental Protection

If you are interested in working at the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection and have a passion for public service, we encourage you to apply for these jobs. You can view additional information about these jobs or apply for any of the job openings listed below by clicking the link for each position. Questions regarding a specific position should be directed to the agency contact listed on the position detail page.

  • 35864BRENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER ASSISTANT III – (Closes 9/13/14) – The permit writer will be responsible for writing major KPDES permits, however, will also be working with minor KPDES permits and re-issuing general permit coverages. Tasks associated with this position require the utilization of engineering skills and knowledge to draft and issue KPDES discharge permits. Some of the duties include: visiting facilities to observe the types of waste water treatment that are in use, communication with the permittees, public speaking, interpretation of program regulatory authority, computer modeling and working together as a team in order to accomplish the Division’s operational goals.
  •  35867BRENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER ASSISTANT I – (Closes 9/13/14) – This position will review applications, draft permits and resolve legal challenges associated with waste water discharge permits regulated by the federal Clean Water Act. Tasks associated with this position require the utilization of engineering skills and knowledge to draft and issue KPDES discharge permits.
  • 35866BRENVIRONMENTAL INSPECTOR III – (Closes 9/14/14) – This position is charged with performing complex level environmental compliance inspections at permitted waste water facilities under the federal Clean Water Act and permitted drinking water facilities under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. This position will respond to citizen complaints addressing threats to waters of the Commonwealth.
  • 35854BRENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER ASSISTANT I – (Closes 9/13/14) – The primary responsibilities of the position are to conduct technical, engineering reviews and evaluations of permit applications from sources that emit air contaminants to issue or deny permits within regulatory mandated time constraints. The position will provide technical assistance regarding interpretations of regulations and preparations of permit applications. The permits to be reviewed include those primarily for primary steel manufactures, aluminum manufactures, secondary metal sources, and surface treatment of metals, all of which produce emissions that could affect public health and the environment if not properly controlled. Engineering decisions recommended by positions in this job title must be approved by a Licensed Professional Engineer under KRS 322.
  • 35911BRCHEMIST III – (Closes 9/18/14) – Performs highly complex chemical and technical examinations, tests and analysis on environmental samples for the Environmental Sciences Branch, within the Metal Analysis Section. Performs all forms of mercury testing on water, soil, and fish tissue samples. Interprets results and provides consultation on a regular and recurring basis. Develops new and modified laboratory techniques. Performs other duties as required.
  • 35940BRENVIRONMENTAL INSPECTOR – (Closes 9/19/14) – The primary responsibilities of the position are to inspect permitted and non-permitted sources that emit air contaminates to ensure the sources is in compliance with Federal and State air quality regulations and specific permit conditions. Inspections can be full or partial compliance evaluations, records review, observe compliance demonstration observation, follow up inspection on documented violations or self initiated inspections of suspected violators. The inspections include those that emit major amounts of air contaminants such as power plants, manufacturing sources and chemical processing sources to those more minor emitters such as auto body paint shops, dry cleaners and coal mining activities all of which produce emissions that could affect public health and the environment if not properly controlled. The position must also investigate air quality complaints from the public regarding open burning, odor complaints or dust emissions.
  • 35941BRENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIST III – (Closes 9/19/14) – The primary responsibility of the position is to conduct performance and system audits of all ambient air monitoring stations within Kentucky’s air monitoring network as well as industrial sites. The position will validate and certify all data generated from the air monitors and ensure the data is handled in compliance with Federal and State regulations. The data quality assurance done by this position is necessary to demonstrate that the air quality in the state is meeting national ambient air quality standards set by the EPA.
  • 35967BRENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGIST SUPERVISOR – (Closes 9/20/14) – This position is critical and essential for performing supervision, planning, preparing assignments and coordinating all activities for the section. The TMDL Section is responsible for tracking impaired surface water, develop plans to address water quality impairments and work cooperatively to achieve and maintain water quality standards for the streams and lakes of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.