Sustainable Spirits Summit Held and Best Management Practices Document Finalized

Members of the Kentucky Distillers Association and others in Kentucky’s distilling industry shared ideas and information at a Sustainable Spirits Summit that was held July 14, 2014, at Jim Beam-Clermont. During this summit, DCA presented the final draft of the best management practices document that’s been in the works for over a year. Distillery representatives were given the opportunity to review the document and recommend any changes before publication.

The Sustainable Spirits document, “Sustainable Spirits: A Look Into Sustainable Practices of Kentucky’s Distilleries and Breweries,” created by the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA), showcases the best management and sustainable practices by members in the spirits industry in the Commonwealth. It highlights facilities that recycle in a major way, some that are restoring wildlife habitats and others that are cutting energy usage and waste. Many distilleries highlighted in this booklet are conserving water by establishing wetlands, collecting water overflow, using a closed-loop cooling system and installing low-flush toilets. The final document can be found at clicking on Sustainable Spirits.

Besides reviewing the Sustainable Spirits document, DCA staff members led discussions on environmental issues and shared ways the industry can lead the green movement by example. Participants discussed greenhouse gas regulations, renewable energy and recycling.

Several of the summit participants are members of the KY EXCEL program, which is Kentucky’s environmental leadership program. Representatives from DCA, KDA, Jim Beam Distillery, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Diageo, Brown Forman Distillers, Wild Turkey Distillery and Michter’s Distillery LLC were present.

For photos of the latest Sustainable Spirits Summit, click here.