Former Federal Mogul Property Scottsville, Ky., Allen County

Entrance to the Former Federal Mogul Property Photo by Christopher Jung

The Kentucky Division of Waste Management (DMW) is currently coordinating ongoing studies and cleanup efforts at the former Federal Mogul facility located in Scottsville, Ky., in Allen County. This study stems from the historical releases of solvents that were in use since 1964 by the former occupant, Scotscraft Incorporated, to manufacture curtain rods. Scotscraft discontinued its process in 1982.

During an inspection by the DWM, it was determined that employees of Scotscraft had disposed of waste solvents from 1971 to 1978 in trenches located behind the facility building. The waste material was over excavated and disposed of offsite as a hazardous waste.

The ongoing investigation involves surface water, groundwater, soil, and air studies. At the present time, investigative efforts are being conducted onsite and offsite. The facility maintains an interim groundwater pump-and-treat system, which is extracting and treating groundwater from two onsite wells.

Former Federal Mogul Property Photo by Christopher Jung

In accordance with the Kentucky Open Records Act, all records relating to the investigation at Federal Mogul and neighboring properties may be reviewed by contacting the DWM at 502-564-6716 or by requesting the electronic copy from the help desk at the Allen County Public Library located at 106 West Public Square, Scottsville, KY 42164.

For more information, contact Kentucky DWM Project Manager Christopher Jung, P.G., at 502-564-6716, ext. 4716 or