Source Reduction Assistance Awarded to DCA

The Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) has received a Source Reduction Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to fund its KY EXCEL: Get the Green Ball Rolling project. The project will facilitate source reduction by reducing the generation of pollution within Kentucky’s collegiate and high school sporting events sector. Sporting events and sporting venues utilize water and energy resources and can be generators of large amounts of waste. The project will assist participating entities to reduce their overall environmental impacts.

The program’s goals will be met through education and assistance. Workshops, educational materials and technical assistance services will help participants increase energy and water efficiency, substitute harmful materials with more environmentally preferable products and make improvements in housekeeping, maintenance, transportation, landscaping and employee training that lead to better resource management.

DCA implements Kentucky’s environmental leadership program, KY EXCEL, which is a program that recognizes and encourages entities that seek to improve and protect Kentucky’s environment through the implementation of voluntary projects that exceed regulatory requirements. For more information about the KY EXCEL program, visit, call 800-926-8111 or e-mail