DEP adds to leadership team with appointment of four new Assistant Directors

The Department for Environmental Protection is pleased to announce the appointments of four assistant directors.  These veteran employees fill vacant positions located in the Division for Air Quality, The Division of Water, the Division of Compliance Assistance, and the Division of Environmental Program Support. 

Andrea Smith was appointed Assistant Director of the Division for Air Quality on September 16.  She is a 25-year veteran of the Division that was most recently manager of the division’s program planning and administration branch.  Andrea has played a significant role in the development and administration of Kentucky’s air quality policies and programs throughout her career.

Tom Gabbard was appointed Assistant Director of the Division of Water on October 16.  A Division of Water employee since 1985, a majority of Tom’s career has been spent working closely with facilities and agency inspectors as the manager of the division’s Compliance and Technical Assistance Branch.  Tom’s experience, organized approach, and skills as a strategic planner and project manager will be a strong asset to the leadership of the Division.

Paulette Akers will take over the Assistant Director position in the Division of Compliance Assistance on November 1.  A 12-year veteran of the department, Paulette is currently manager of the Watershed Management Branch in the Division of Water where she has shown strong leadership in the development of public private partnerships intended to promote positive environmental behaviors and increase sustainable behaviors.

Nina Hockensmith was appointed Assistant Director of the Division of Environmental Program Support on September 16.  Nina’s 26 years in the agency has helped the agency efficiently and appropriately administer the budgeting, purchasing, and personnel processes that keep the agency running.  Most recently, Nina has served as manager of the Division of Environmental Program Support’s Administrative Support branch.

These four deserving individuals join Tim Hubbard, who has been the assistant director in the Division of Waste Management since 2008, and Mark Cleland, who has been assistant director of the Division of Enforcement since 2012.