DEP Annual Green Fleets Report Shows Progress

The results are in: Over the past year, the Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) continues to improve its state-owned vehicle fleet performance.  DEP is a member of Green Fleets of the Bluegrass, a voluntary program that aims to improve the environmental performance of vehicle fleets across Kentucky by reducing petroleum fuel use. Green Fleets is administered by the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition (KCFC).

According to the annual Green Fleets survey, submitted by the Division for Air Quality this week, the average fuel economy of DEP’s fleet rose from 19.0 to 19.79 miles per gallon in 2014.  The increased fuel economy is the result of strategic fleet management including:

  • purchasing more efficient vehicles to replace older, less efficient vehicles
  • right-sizing vehicle assignments to the job
  • driving more “green” miles by utilizing more efficient vehicles whenever possible

DEP also reduced its overall miles traveled in 2014, while still achieving its mission to protect human health and the environment in Kentucky.

DEP currently operates a fleet of 251 vehicles.  The fleet includes 225 conventional gasoline vehicles and one diesel along with 25 alternative fueled vehicles. Of the 25 alternate fuel vehicles, four are plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.  The Department added two hybrid vehicles in 2014.

DEP has been a member of the KCFC Green Fleet program since 2011, and now holds the highest fleet rating by KCFC. As a Green Fleets member, DEP works to ensure the vehicles are consistently maintained for longer vehicle lifetimes.

DEP’s improved fleet efficiency standards are consistent with the 2007 Governor’s Energy Plan, which aims for a 50 percent improvement in fuel economy by 2025. All of these efforts add up to substantial savings and significant benefits for the environment.