Typical DEP Permits and Authorizations At-a-Glance

The Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) At a Glancehas published a new document that covers the major permits and authorizations typically issued by the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (DEP).  The At-a-Glance document provides information on understanding permits and the most common permits and authorizations issued by the Division for Air Quality, Division of Waste Management and Division of Water. In addition, DEP-wide resources that have been developed by DCA are included in the document, including fact sheets on Kentucky Certification Programs and Construction and Demolition Activities.

As a supplement to the At-a-Glance document, DCA also published a Common Permits document, which provides a quick reference on common permits for industrial facilities along with the application fees, regulatory time frames and potentially permitted activities.

One way DCA helps individuals, regulated entities and government agencies be aware of and comply with environmental requirements is by providing materials to make the regulations easier to understand. DCA’s Environmental Compliance Assistance Program has created these resources to guide businesses in understanding potentially applicable regulations. These documents and other useful resources can be found on DCA’s Resource Documents webpage. If you have any environmental questions, please call 800-926-8111 or email envhelp@ky.gov.