Recycling of Surplus Electronic Devices (e-scrap)

E-scrap is a popular, informal name for electronic E-Recyclingproducts nearing the end of their “useful life.” Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are common electronic products. Many of these products can be reused, refurbished, or recycled. In this technology-driven age, the amount of e-scrap is growing because the useful lifespan for devices and products is getting shorter and shorter.  Consumer demand for “the next best” thing is increasing and companies are answering that demand by updating and improving devices and equipment quicker than ever before. In fact, the National Safety Council projects that nearly 250 million computers will become obsolete in the next five years and mobile phones are discarded at a rate of 130 million per year.

The question then becomes, “What do we do with all this stuff?”

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has chosen a new vendor, Global Environmental Services, headquartered in Georgetown, Kentucky for the recycling of surplus electronic devices (e-scrap).

This contract, promulgated on behalf of the Commonwealth Office of Technology and Division of Waste Management (DWM), is designed to protect both data security as well as the commonwealth’s environment by using a fully certified (R2/E-Steward, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001) vendor to recycle and refurbish the surplus electronic devices no longer needed by Executive Branch agencies.

While the executive branch is required to use the contract for e-Scrap all other political subdivisions of the state are allowed to use it as well. This includes all city and county governments and community recycling programs as well as school districts, state universities and community colleges, state run hospitals and the judicial and legislative branches of state government.

Information for scheduling pickups of e-Scrap can be found at: while information about the contract and an additional link for scheduling pickups can be found on DWM’s Electronics Recycling web page:

Tom Heil of the DWM Recycling Assistance Section is the day-to-day contract contact for issues related to e-scrap. Contact him at or by phone at 502-564-6716.