Kentucky Certification Programs Fact Sheet

The Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) has developed a fact sheet addressing Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (DEP)-issued certifications that may be required to perform work throughout the Commonwealth state, including those for asbestos-related activities; gasoline tank trucks; well drillers; and underground storage tanks. Other certifications are for drinking water, wastewater and solid waste operators; and drinking water and wastewater laboratories. The fact sheet provides a brief description and resource links for these certifications and also a few non-DEP certifications, which involve aboveground and underground storage tanks, pesticide applicators and lead abatement activities and training. DEP’s regulations are housed in theKentucky Administrative Regulations Title 401 (, and DEP forms may be accessed in an online library.

DCA’s Environmental Compliance Assistance Program has created resources to guide businesses in understanding what certifications may be required to comply with environmental regulations. For more information on DEP certifications and other useful resources, visit DCA’s Resource Documents webpage. If you have any environmental questions, please call 800-926-8111 or email