Many water utilities are having issues related to the cold weather including water line breaks and power outages. Maintaining routine compliance may be difficult or impossible for some utilities. In regards to Monthly Operating Reports (MOR), if a water system did not treat water or did not have water available in its distribution system on specific dates, make sure the correct information is entered as to the actual number of hours and days of operation. Also, operators should make a notation on the MOR or send a separate letter explaining any situation that is not considered routine. In addition, it is important to check the summary sheets to verify that the information is correct prior to signing and mailing to the Kentucky Division of Water. 

If a utility is unable to collect routine sampling, such as the proper number of bacteriological samples or for Stage 2, then the utility will need to submit a letter to the Kentucky Division of Water explaining the situation that caused the failure to collect routine samples for compliance. The division is also allowing Public Water Systems that were affected by the inclement weather to collect samples outside of their scheduled monitoring frequency for 1st quarter compliance determination.  If you have any questions, please contact the Division of Water at 502-564-3410 and ask for the Drinking Water Compliance Section.