Current Job Openings at the Department for Environmental Protection – March 12, 2015

If you are interested in working at the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection and have a passion for public service, we encourage you to apply for the vacancies

  • 39250BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST I – (Closes 3/12/15)
  • 39251BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 3/12/15)
  • 39293BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST I – (Closes 3/13/15)
  • 39295BRENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST IV – (Closes 3/13/15)
  • 39325BRASSISTANT DIRECTOR – (Closes 3/14/15)

You can view additional information about these jobs on the DEP Careers Page or apply for any of the job openings listed on the site by clicking the link for each position. Questions regarding a specific position should be directed to the agency contact listed on the position detail page.