New Issue of UST Quarterly Now Available

The most recent issue of the UST Quarterly is USTnow available for download at The UST Quarterly is focused on aiding underground storage tank (UST) owners, operators, contractors and companies with timely information regarding the regulatory aspects of owning and managing USTs and the cleanup of UST-related contamination.

Articles in this issue include:

  • Stephen Kent Retiring
  • PSTEAF Reimbursement Check Interception
  • Manager’s Message: I Like a New Year
  • The Importance of ATG Alarms
  • UST Response Quarterly
  • Electronic Submittal: Everybody Wins

All previous issues of the UST Quarterly are also available on the UST Branch website at

If you would like to subscribe to the UST Quarterly, offer story suggestions for future issues, or have questions or comments, contact Lajuanda Haight-Maybriar at , or 502-564-5981, extension 4013.