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On the inside cover, Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Len Peters addresses the ‘positives’ in our

American bald eagle, photographed by Todd Hendricks near Kentucky Lake. Hendricks works in the Waste Management Division.
American bald eagle, photographed by Todd Hendricks near Kentucky Lake. Hendricks works in the Waste Management Division.

continued efforts to protect the environment.  Among them, some innovative ways that our cabinet uses to investigate arson wildfire cases and new techniques for targeting and detecting harmful algal blooms in our lakes and streams.
Embracing an optimist’s attitude, we should strive to take advantage of the multiple ways or tools at our disposal and stay positive by focusing on the glass half full rather than half empty, especially when taking advantage of limitless innovations.  Check out these positive stories below:

  • Gone to the dogs – The Kentucky Division of Forestry is using the relentless tracking instincts of bloodhounds to locate arsonists responsible for setting fires in Kentucky.  The canines have been working fire scenes since the fall of 2014.  Read how they sniff out their suspects beginning on Page 5.
  • Satellites at work – Landsat satellite imagery provides valuable data used in research for agriculture, education, science and government using spectral bands that measure different wavelengths of light.  The Division of Water uses Landsat imagery to develop models that predict harmful algal blooms in Kentucky lakes that can threaten human and animal health.  Read how it works on Page 17.
  • Smoke School 101 – Roberta Burnes of the Division for Air Quality shares first-hand experience beginning on Page 9 of obtaining smoke school certification.  Find out how these ‘smoke readers’ prepare for their test and how it helps them perform their jobs by reading emissions from the power plants, factories and other facilities located throughout Kentucky.
  • Renewable energy – This first-in-a-series of articles about Kentucky’s drive for energy independence focuses on solar and how it can be a viable energy source in our state.  Kenya Stump of the Department for Energy Development and Independence answers questions about the cost of solar installation, how it works, and the challenges facing its growth in Kentucky on Page 1.
  • Water health portal – The Division of Water has launched an online resource that puts the health of Kentucky’s lakes and streams at your fingertips.  Can you safely eat the fish you catch or swim in your favorite stream?  The Water Health Portal will help you find out on Page 6.
  • Bad Branch – One of Joyce Bender’s favorites, this nature preserve on Pine Mountain is a paradise to the senses and includes a 7.5-mile scenic trail to High Rock and the falls.  Read Joyce’s sensory story on Page 13.

Other stories include how Kentucky’s school energy managers assist districts in eliminating wasteful energy use (Page 3); how planting a tree does more than provide a lifetime of shade (Page 8); how the cabinet’s Brownfield Redevelopment Program helps counties and cities assess properties for beneficial reuse (Page 15) and multiple awards and recognition stories that inspire others to look for ways to protect the environment.   If you have comments or suggestions for future stories, contact the Office of Communications by phone at 502-564-5525.

This is long-time editor Cindy Schafer’s final edition of the magazine. She retires Aug. 1.

“It has been a pleasure to work on this magazine for the past 25 years, first as an assistant to the editor in 1990 and then assuming full responsibility of editing and designing the magazine in 1999,” Schafer said. “I’ve worked in this cabinet in various offices for nearly 28 years and have met, and worked with, a lot of great people.  This cabinet has been very good to me, and many of you have influenced or touched my life in some way.  Thanks for the memories! “